︎ ZILU LIN ︎
︎Stuck / Nest (1)
Work: Graphic design, Typography
Medium: Publication
Date: 2021

Due to lockdown, I couldn’t reach elsewhere except the spaces around me. This gave me more time to wander between specific spaces alone and perceive space uncertainty. Those familiar but unfamiliar spaces magnify my senses infinitely; I always feel that I am indifferent dimensions, lost in the concept of time. I frequently ask myself, am I in reality or another parallel world?

The first section nest mainly focuses on me staying in the home for a long time during the lockdown. I re-observed my living space in detail and gradually developed illusions about different corners of space. I was thinking about finding the infinite plasticity of domestic space in a limited area, so I used an analogue visual diary to record my observations and think about my nest. "Stuck" is my redefinition and reflection on the space I am in.